Life is Sacred

Building a Civilization of Love and Culture of Life

Native and Indigenous Covid-19 Relief Fund

Native and indigenous peoples of the Americas have a long and tragic history of being hit disproportionately hard by pandemics that sweep through their lands. Life is Sacred (a native founded and directed 501(c)3) has served over 10,000 of the most vulnerable people in Native and Indigenous communities throughout the United States during the pandemic.

It costs $50 for a basket of food and supplies that will support a family for 2 weeks, and 100% of your donation will go towards these efforts.  

Our partners in this work include the Knights of Columbus, Southwest Indian Foundation, the Kapuna Needs Project and others. Our current service areas include the Navajo Nation, Acoma Publeo, Zuni Pueblo, Laguna Pueblo, Hopi Pueblo, and the island of Oahu. We will soon be expanding to South Dakota and Alaska native communities.


All humans should have their basic needs met to fully be able to execute their purpose in life and society. We support all organizations and efforts dedicated to improving and beautifying the overall human condition.


All people are spiritual beings governed by natural fundamental law, and freedom of belief and religion are essential for the full development of the person. We support both protections of religious freedom and also organizations and activities that support good spiritual development.


Intellectual honesty is essential for rational discourse and the Truth must be promoted and supported no matter how difficult the Truth may be. We promote Truth and educational freedom for all people.


It is essential we raise our children to grow into our future leaders so that together we can build a civilization of life and love for the betterment of all peoples.

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